A Community Steeped in History

After receiving a land grant of 5.350 acres in 1635, Captain Adam Thoroughgood and some of his descendants chose to build homes in an area that now bears his name.  One of the oldest brick houses in America, the Adam Thoroughgood House still stands in this community and is visited by thousands of people each year.

On February 28, 1955, James N. Collier, President of Thoroughgood Corporation, purchased this property from Greenbrier Farms and deeded the Thoroughgood House to the Adam Thoroughgood Foundation.  Unfortunately, Mr. Collier died on May 15, 1957, and some of his plans such as the Country Club, could not be completed.

The Thoroughgood Civic League was formed in 1957 with Charles Burlage as president.  Over the years, its continuing mission has been to exist as a positive form in the community and when necessary attempt to promote the general will of the residents before local government.

With its excellent schools, Thoroughgood Elementary School and Independence Middle School, Thoroughgood has remained a highly desirable place to reside.  Many families have two or three generations who have lived there.  In the 1960's, new homes were built in an adjacent area called Thoroughgood Estates.  In the 1970's an area of townhouses named Thoroughgood Colony were built.  In 2004, new homes were added on a new street off Wakefield Drive called Blackthorne Court.  Also in 2003, the Adam Thoroughgood House became the property of the City of Virginia Beach. 

Today's neighborhood is a mix of stately, two-story brick homes, tri-levels and ranches.  Many homes have views of the Lynnhaven River, Lake Charles or Thoroughgood Cove.  With its many trees, lots of waterfowl and small animals, good schools, and a great location, Thoroughgood remains a popular place to live.

To learn more about the history of Thoroughgood, click the links below.  Each link is an excerpt from Pam Spillman's book "The History of the Thoroughogood Neighborhood (1955 - 2013)":

The Butterfly Man



Five Forks


Old Fireplace

Pembroke Mall

Street Names

Virginia Beach Blvd

White Acre

The Thoroughgood Neighborhood Civic League is happy to report that all 250 copies of the "History of the Thoroughgood Neighborhood (1955 to 2013)" were sold and distributed. We charged $20 each - and after selling 250 copies, collected a total of $5,000. That collection enabled us to repay the $5,000 loan generously made by Mr. George Stenke of Swan Lake Drive – a loan he made to our Civic League to cover the initial costs of publishing. Because we sold the book mostly at cost – there was very little profit ($206.21 – due to rounding up the retail price to the nearest dollar) but that small profit has been added to our treasury to pay for maintaining our front entrance.

We don't plan to order any more copies of the book, but if you missed the opportunity to buy one – there are a few alternatives. The Adam Thoroughgood House has copies. We would love for you to support our namesake house, as they benefit from the profits of those sales. Also you can buy the book on Amazon.com. Every purchase of our book on Amazon sends a small royalty to the Civic League. If, however, you just want to read it, but don't want to purchase it, it is available at both the Central and Bayside Library.

When meeting new residents that move into our neighborhood – please tell them about the book. It shows the pride we have in our glorious and interesting past, and encourages that continued positive trend in the future.