Hermitage Garden Club

Hermitage Garden Club of Virginia Beach was formed April 22, 1966.  The first President was Mrs. B. M. (Nell) Cuthrell, Jr. who lived on Hermitage Road.  Why have two garden clubs (Thoroughgood and Hermitage) in the same neighborhood?  When Thoroughgood Garden Club was formed, the meetings were held in the evening.   Some members of TGC preferred a daytime club and so Hermitage Garden Club (HGC) was formed.   Over the years, HGC has donated to many Thoroughgood Civic League projects.  One member, Erlene S. Gallop once wrote a lovely poem about our neighborhood called “Thoroughgood in the Fall.”  A copy of the poem is attached below.

The objective of Hermitage Garden Club is to share and promote interest in horticulture and use of flowers in the home.  The club is not federated.  The meetings are held at Bayside Presbyterian Church (Youth Activity Center)  the third Thursday of each month (except for December, June, July, and August) at 10 a.m.. HGC invites anyone interested in gardening, flowers, and beautiful yards to join them.  Membership dues are only $20 per year.  For more information, contact Lois Wootton at 464-0755.

Thoroughgood in the Fall
It's Autumn...It's October...

There's a little bit of heaven
In our close-knit neighborhood;
When the mellow autumn weather,
Brings such peace to Thoroughgood.
Now the night air's cool and tangy
And the leaves are turning brown.
We can hear a gentle rustle
As they swiftly flutter down
To form a red-brown carpet
In our yards of nurtured ground.

Golden flowers in October
Waving grandly in the win,
As the sometimes heavy breezes
Make our stately pines to bend.
These---planted by a loving Master,
Tended by his gentle hand.
Pause awhile to see the beauty
He has spread across the land.
Yellow mums so bright with sunlight
Growing several inches tall,
Supported by their sturdy green stems
Are the crown jewels of the fall.

Never could an earthly artist
Duplicate their vibrant hue.
Never could he show that sparkle
As they glisten in the dew.
Let us thank our God in Heaven.
(Only He can give it all)
For this birds-eye view of Heaven
Of our Thoroughgood in the Fall.

~Erlene S. Gallop