We are in the process of shutting down this particular website.  Please see the below options for how to communicate with your neighbors or the Thoroughgood Civic League.


A great way to communicate with your neighbors.  It is free and when you request a login, your address is validated to ensure only people who truly live in the neighborhood can see the information posted.  The City of Virginia Beach, Virginia Beach Police Department, and Virginia Beach Fire Department use this tool to communicate about local events taking place or safety issues.  Neighbors can also sell items and inquire about recommendations for various services, etc.

Civic League Membership Services

This website allows you to pay your dues online.  Dues are not required from neighbors but are used to keep our entrances looking good and allows for neighborhood events such as the 4th of July Parade, Easter Egg Hunt, Fall Chili Cook Off and craft shows.  We also are able to distribute newsletters to communicate to new and existing neighbors.

Send An Email Using T-News

If you wish to send or receive emails from neighbors communicating general information, this website will allow you to do so (once you have been approved by the administrator).